Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Abandoned Boats, Great Northern Peninsula, NFLD

Not seen in this picture of these once sturdy and proud fishing boats, are the men who used them to earn their daily bread. It only takes imagination to envision them, sitting at the kitchen table, cup of tea in hand, and gazing far out to sea, where they used to roam in search of the cod. These craft, like their owners, have been relegated to the sidelines in the overall scheme of things in this world. Like the farmers, the fishermen have succumed to the "better" way of providing food for all of our tables. When these people are all gone, what fare will be offered in the fancy restaurants of the large cities? It seems that everyone is concerned about global warming, caused by doing things the "bigger & better" way, and not many are concerned or consider at all the plight of ordinary people, who are the ones that really make the world go round.

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How true. Nicely worded.