Friday, August 3, 2007

Signals from Space

As I was driving by, this cluster of satellite dishes caught my eye. It made me stop the car and take this picture. Not that it has any artistic merit, but it sort of says something about who we are, or have become. The song by Bruce Springstein came to mind, "57 chanels and nothing on," and I guessed that to be relevant nowadays, it would have to be "900 chanels and nothing on." Are we more knowledegable today, or more distracted than ever before? Are we "tuned in" or "tuned out?" God only knows, and I'm betting he's not sure. I wonder if the owners are closer as a result of this technology, or more isolated? It is probably just evidence that we have bought into the marketing message, that we have to look outside of ourselves for entertainment. Or is this just a simple example of our desire to "keep up with the neighbours?" Ahh, but winters are long in the north. "Edit', get me another beer!" "Ooooh K. Archie."

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Frank said...

Dave-What ever happened to a good book?