Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghost Ship

Tonight is the night when some 78 years ago, my Dad and Mother married. If they were still living they both would have been 103 years old. Dad was a sailor from the time he was 11, when he went to the Labrador to help support his family. His father had been injured in the seal hunt, so it fell to him to help provide. He lived on the water until he was married at age 25, and swore he would never again leave Newfoundland. He used to tell us ghost stories of seeing phantom ships in the tropics, and large balls of light travelling at great speed just above the water. Of course it scared the bejeebers out of us kids, but now it is with much fondness that his stories are recalled to mind. So tonight, I photographed a ghost ship. When looking at it, I ask myself, is this ship sinking to its watery grave.......or, is it rising from it...? Happy Halloween!!!

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