Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Swimming? No Kidding!

Quite a while has passed since I posted anything on this site. Preparing for the Christmas Holidays, and the business end of the snowblower, has kept me fairly busy. However, this afternoon, I decided that I would find something out there for my blog. I visited the Government Dock, or King's Landing, as it has been renamed, and found this sign "No Swimming." It reminded me that in about 3 weeks from now, on New Year's Day, there would be those brave or insane folks, depending on your point of view, who would cut a hole in the ice on Lake Nipissing, and dive into the frigid waters. Those hardy souls are members of The Polar Bear Club, and I cannot foresee becoming a member myself anytime soon. Besides, I can't swim........Yeah, Right...Brrrrr!
Hypothermia anyone? The slipping ice formation looks somewhat like a futuristic aircraft, blasting off for warmer climes. Winter is here!

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