Monday, December 17, 2007

Old Jack's Trees

These trees are the same ones that are shown in the posting below, only taken from a 90 degree angle on the right. Every time I see this group of trees, dominated by the red pine, I think of my old friend and mentor, Jack Shepherd. I'll never forget that he photographed these same trees with an old Minolta XE7, and it was a cold autumn day, with a chop on the lake. He wanted it to be dramatic. So he blew his breath on the lens until it was completely fogged. Then he waited for the fog to gradually clear off, and at just the right moment, he fired the shutter. Shooting in Black & White, and using a tripod, that photo took first prize in competitions all over the world. It is hanging in art galleries in the USA and Europe, and made the cover of the most prestigious photographic art magazine in Japan at the time. Whew! You had to see it to really appreciate the beauty of it. Jack is gone to his rest now, and I always remember what a fantastic man he was, and a terrific teacher as well. God love him!

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