Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boxcar "Art"....?

A couple of days ago, the graphics painted on this old boxcar caught my eye. It is possibly a "self portrait" of somebody who likes to paint with a long handled paint roller, on old buildings, alley walls, and boxcars, etc. At first glance, it did not impress me too much. But after taking a couple of shots, I began to think about it a bit. As photographers, we take and make pictures, and place them on the internet in blogs, and elabourate web sites, to display our skills and interests. Occasionally, someone comments on the piece we have chosen to post. But the person who painted this graphic on an old boxcar, probably doesn't have a computer, or camera, and preferes instead to display his or her artistic skills and interests on an object that moves thousands and thousands of miles about the continent each year. No opinion expected. At the time I took this photo, this graphic or art piece, and it has as much validity as some that are touted to be fine art these days, is sidlined on a side spur in North Bay. Is that any worse than having our photography lost somewhere out in cyberspace? Maybe..... and maybe not.

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