Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tree Down

On January 30th, there was a snap freeze in North Bay, accompanied with some very nasty high wind gusts. The results of this sudden change in barometric pressure can be seen in my back yard, as a large spruce tree twisted off in the wind, and landed on the back of my studio. It was the end of a month in which I had to totally rebuild my computer, Operating System and all, a severe head cold, and now this. I was not impressed with January 2008. February has to be better, right? Lets hope so. But it could have been much worse, as no extreme damage was done. Next day I found myself on the business end of a new chain saw, cleaning up the mess. But I should not wimper, as there has been too many house fires in this area, this winter, some with loss of all property, and life as well. Now those you have to feel sympathy for. My little mishap is only a slight inconvenience by comparison. Aside from a few sore muscles, no big deal really.

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