Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last Snowfall......Hopefully

Last weekend, just when we were all feeling that Spring had finally arrived, Old Man Winter decided to have one more go at us here in the north. I had not posted too much in the way of winter scenes lately, so I decided on Sunday to take a drive out to see what I might find that was interesting to me. I came across this scene at St. Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church in Rutherglen, Ont. which is about 35 minutes East of North Bay. At the rear of the chruch, the triangular shape made by using the windows and the steeple bell vent as points, was interesting as the one side of the triangle was somewhat parallel to the slope of the back porch roofline. I am usually drawn naturally to this sort of composition, as many many years ago, when I was in school, geometry was by far my very best subject. At that time, I used to wonder what good could geometry possibly be to anyone.....

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