Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It has been a while now since I've posted anything, as I have been rather busy repairing the roof of my studio, and catching up on many smaller jobs around home that have needed attention for quite some time. For the past 24 hours, it has been a nonstop drizzle here in North Bay, and the gardens that my wife had planted have responded with an explosion of blossoms and foilage. While waiting for some paint to dry on one of my little jobs today, I decided to take a shot or two of these raindrops clinging to the blossoms of a Solomon's Seal plant beside our deck. The camera was hand held. Hopefully, I will be setting my canoe in a lake or stream somewhere soon, as I really need the break, and bring back some scenes from the wild.

Camera: Maxxum 7D
Lens: Minolta 28 ~ 105 mm, with a #3 closeup filter attached.

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