Sunday, July 20, 2008

Springdale, NFLD

This peaceful little scene is of Springdale, NFLD at about 4:30 in the afternoon. I was tempted to buy a little house here, and stay. But it will have to be another place that I shall revisit frequently. I think that when you visit a place, you see things from a different perspective, than if you actually lived there. For some reason, being a visitor helps one see with uncluttered eyes...........Hope you enjoy also, and sense the quiet beauty of this little community.

Work All Done

This old boat was found in Gillams, Bay of Islands, if my memory serves me correctly. Its working days are all over now, and it is only fitting that a Wild Rose bush found its way to grow up beside it. The house in the background, looking out over the bay, is typical of the area. I will definitely be returning to this area again, and again, and again..........likely for the rest of my life.

Stairway to.......

On a recent trip to Newfoundland, I spent a very pleasant while at this shoreline in Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands. It was so good to be back home again! I love this area, and on this day, the temperature was +30 C and the warm ocean breeze, and gentle sound of the waves laping on the shore took me back to when I was just a lad, and we would take these little jaunts to enjoy the little private nooks and crannies of the bay. As the commercials on TV say, it really is as far away from Disneyland as you can get. Thank God these little hideaways still exist, and it is worth every penny spent to get to them. It was sooooo difficult to climb back up those stairs again.......