Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bird of Paradise

This exotic looking plant caught my eye as I was walking through a garden centre in Essex County, just outside Windsor, Ontario. Its splayed out petals displaying orange and blue colours commands attention. This plant was approximately 30 feet, or if you must, 10 meters away from where I was standing, and I took one shot of it with my Fuji S9100 lens extended fully to 300 mm. It still seemed too small in the frame, so I bumped it up to Digital telephoto, and this shot was taken at 600 mm, hand held at f5.6 for about 1/60 seconds. My wife said that it was a Bird of Paradise plant, and when I returned to North Bay, I googled it, and sure enough, she was right again, as usual. Any flaws in the picture was minimized by adding a little soft focus after the fact in Corel. I like the colour and graphic elements. Hope you enjoy it also.


andrew said...

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Good work, and keep up.

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David c.h. Brown said...

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for the kind comments and glad that you enjoy my blog. The purpose of my doing this is not to display my skills as a photographer, but instead to help folks focus on the beautiful in this often treacherous world of ours as is broadcast in the latest news on radio and TV. We are all in our own way Birds of Paradise, and yes, some of us are birds of prey, and some just birds of beauty. Thank you. Dave