Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harbour View at Sydney Mines, N.S.

While waiting for the next crossing over to Newfoundland, we took a look around nearby Sydney Mines, N.S.. Lupines and daisies were everywhere, and I couldn't resist this scene. The building in the distance, according to a local resident, is the remanants of an old WW 2 bunker, that was used to guard the harbour to Sydney Mines, and North Sydney. I got a real history lesson from him, but he was just out checking me out, as I had Ontario license plates after all. He also told me that there used to be a hugh steel net across the harbour as well, that was stretched between two boats, to prevent enemy submarines from entering the harbour, or worse, firing a torpedo in there. It was a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours, and learn some of the local history.

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