Monday, November 10, 2008

Fine Dublin Lady

As I was going through some of my old files tonight, I happened upon this shot from a few years ago, in my other life. Sometimes during a wedding shoot, after all the formalities were over with, I would take time for me. This was my time during a wedding when I would wander about, just looking for folks who were in some way unique, or maybe stepping out of character for the day, or whatever I could find that was only to be of interest to me. No bride would ever see these photos. They were my tension release shots, where I would save my sanity before continuing on with the rest of the day's work. This little lady was from Dublin, Ireland, and in this photo, she was trying to retrieve a slice of orange for her drink that she held. I caught the scene just before her finger entered the punch. It provided a good inward chuckle for me, and helped me through the rest of the shoot. Whatever works!

Camera: Minolta Maxxum 9 loaded with Fuji Reala 100 film.
Lens: Minolta AF 100mm Soft Focus


Mike de Moree said...

Hi dave I rember this picture from Dent's store where you had it on display. It is a great image.

David c.h. Brown said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your comments. I love photographing people, and wish I had the courage needed to do street photography. Dave