Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

It has been quite a while since I posted last. In the meanwhile, we did get quite a snowfall here in Windsor. I was all set for a green Christmas, after everything that folks around here was saying about the probability of not having any snow. But then when we got three snow storms in 4 days, I figured that it was all a big hoax, to get me to relocate here. At any rate, it made me feel much better to get out there and shovel the stuff. Yeah right! But the lights look much better reflecting off of the snow.
I took a shot of some of the decorations on the tree after my wife had finished with it. I had intended to do something completely different than this, but the weather and other concerns intervened, and this was what I came up with instead.
It will certainly be a treat to have all of the family close by this year, and spend some time with the grand children. Have a very nice Christmas everyone, and a great New Year as well!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Arena Lobby Sculpture

As we were browsing about the arena, this very lovely sculpture caught my eye. Three children, sitting on a log, looking at an insect on a branch. Just a very lovely and classy touch to this beautiful building, and I am sure the people of Windsor will appreciate it.

It'll Be Ready Soon!

My friend Frank & I went out this morning to take a few pictures, and really had no particular place in mind. After a cup of Tim's, we headed over to the place where the new arena is being built. It is almost completed now, and will be the new home of the Windsor Spitfires OHL team. I think they will find this new place a vast improvement over the old "barn" as it is affectionately called. There is about 4 ice surfaces in this building, and this photo shows the interior of the main arena. We arrived there just as the workers were in the process of hoisting the new score board. It will show all the details of the game, and looks like it also will display instant replays on the screens on each side. I can imagine how excited the Spitfires will be to chalk up some stats on this board. I had a quick look about, and I don't think there is a bad seat in the house, although some of them on the ends are pretty high up. But overall, the OHL fans in Windsor are in for a real treat. The Spitfires are a terrific team, and I'm sure will be deserving of this new venue.