Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old Sandwich Town Dormers

I found this rather attractive roofline and dormers in Old Sandwich Town yesterday. I got just one shot of it, as a large transport truck parked in front of me just as I squeezed off this one. These old buildings have such class and style that is no longer found in modern buildings, and when they are gone, they will be gone for good. A black and white version is posted on my other blog site, Black & White Dabblings, which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page, and clicking on the link of the same title. Hope you like them both.

Camera: Maxxum 7D
Lens: Minolta AF 75~300 zoom


Mike de Moree said...

Hi Dave,
sandwich town sounds very interesting. Its the kind of subject matter I like. Well I am anxiously waiting for Spring. I guess you know the feeling, Winter Blues. Take care.

David c.h. Brown said...

Hi MIke,
Old Sandwich Town will be one of the places that I will frequent in the future. It is indeed a very interesting place. Thanks, Dave