Sunday, May 31, 2009

And There Were Roses.....

These roses helped make my morning coffee in my backyard very enjoyable. Pretty soon, the Rose of Sharon bushes will be out in bloom. I just grabbed a shot of these with my 75 - 300 lens with a #4 close up filter attached, hand held.


Mike de Moree said...

Hi Dave,
I always enjoy your flower images. Well we had quite a bit of snow today. Not very good for some of our flowers.

David c.h. Brown said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for checking in. I remember one year after doing a wedding in North Bay on June 7th. It was a garden wedding, and everyone wore sun dresses, etc. Next morning, there was 5 inches of snow on the ground!!! Thanks for your comments. The wind was blowing, so I figured a tripod was useless. I took my chances with hand holding, and in camera body image stabilizer. Not perfect, but not bad....Dave