Sunday, May 31, 2009

Henry's Purple Rhododendron

It was my intent to put up a fence down the side of my back yard this weekend, so that my doggies could scamper about, but I just did not feel like driving super spikes today. Instead, I hauled a yard of #1 garden grade topsoil for my wife's soon to be flower beds......after the fence materializes! Next door, our neighbours flower beds are in full swing, and I could not resist going over and taking a few shots, while my wife was preparing supper. Henry, had bought this purple rhododendron, and was anxious for it to produce some blossoms. But it did not seem to thrive too well at first. He was sure that it was a lost cause. Then, suddenly it took off, and started to bloom. He was so very happy. The little figures on the bench helps make for a very nice little setting.

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