Sunday, June 7, 2009

Asian Rice Paper Artist

This Asian chap had a booth at "Art in the Park", and his art form was the ancient Chinese art of Rice Paper cutting. He would, with some very sharp instrument, cut out the most intricate detail of flowers, and figures, and the list goes on and on. He agreed to let me take his photo surrounded by his art. There was one piece that I could not resist, and after walking away following shooting the photo of him, I found myself returning to buy one for myself. I bought the piece in the lower right corner of this photo. It is a beautiful depiction of 8 wild horses at full gallop. It blew me away. His prices were very reasonable, as it was only $40.00. How can you spend so much time carving pictures from rice paper, and only charge that amount for it? But it will be framed soon, and hanging on my wall not far from where I now sit.

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