Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Potter

This gentleman from Fenlon Falls, Ontario, sits quietly by his booth, waiting for the next wave of potential buyers of his pottery wares. He has a long list of events that he will have a booth at this summer, and I can't imagine what it takes to be so dedicated to your craft, that you would spend so much time on the road, attending the various events such as Windsor's "Art in the Park". The mirror behind him gave his profile in addition to the 3/4 view of his face. But it was his unusual cap that just made me want to take this photo. The mirror also served as a reminder of the many many Saturdays that I spent shooting brides looking at their bouquets in mirrors, etc.. This is a very nice change..........Hope he had a good day also.
Camera: Maxxum 7D
Lens: Minolta AF 75 ~ 300 zoom

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