Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!

This is a shot of my neighbour Henry, and me in our mutual driveway, as taken by Henry's wife Terri. She thought that we were wonderful specimens of fine craftsmen, as we were both setting out to modify or build decks on our houses. She could not let this photo op pass, and ran and got her little camera. As it happened, the Canadian Flag reflected in the window above us, and I thought it would make a great "tongue in cheek" salute to all of the Great Canadian Do It Yourselfers out there. Since the TV has numerous shows about Do It Yourself Disasters and such, we are living proof that if you want something done right, and to your own satisfaction, Do It Yourself! There are no real experts...... are there? Only those who think that they can't do it themselves, think someone else is an expert.......Ya think maybe some large building supply outfit will be sponsoring us anytime soon......? LOL! Have a Happy Canada Day everyone! Have some fun today!


John Minkowskyj said...

You 2 guys look like you're related. I guess you're too shy to show your tattoos!

David c.h. Brown said...

Hey John,
Not a tattoo anywhere on my body, but lots of scars though.....Dave