Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sharon's Rose......

Our back yard is full of these lovely blossoms right now, with pink, purple and white colours. When we bought our retirement home a year ago, I thought it was nice that our back yard was full of roses that shared the same name as my wife. The Rose of Sharon is very prolific here in Windsor, and depending what is done to them, they are often just a low bush, or when allowed, grows into a small tree about 15 feet tall. In about 2 years time, our back yard will be totally enclosed by these plants, and we are not about to discourage that. It makes for a very pleasant cup of coffee in the early morning, with the sunlight filtering through. This shot was taken earlier this afternoon, with my 100 mm soft focus portrait lens, and the softness effect dialed to zero. The aperture was wide open at f2.8, which accounts for the areas that are slightly blurred or out of focus. I was shooting hand held and there was a gentle breeze causing a bit of movement. Hey Mike, this one is for your sister also. Hope she enjoys her visit to Canada!

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