Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sadie's Rose

After having posted the bleak scene below about the remaining rubble of the GM Trim Plant, I decided that I needed to do something hopefully a little more pleasant to view. It has been raining off and on most of the day, which put a halt to my plans to expand on my rear deck. So in between the rain, I went to my back yard with my camera, and tried to get a few shots of a very lovely rose that I had bought in the Spring, and had planted it in memory of my mother. A #2 closeup filter was placed on my 70 ~ 300mm zoom lens, and after about 5 shots, the rain started again. So I returned to the computer, and made this little photo. Hope you like it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

GM Trim Plant Rubble

Before moving south to Windsor, I remember the devastation that was the result of the closing of the MacMillan Bloedel Mill just west of North Bay, in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. Hundreds of people were suddenly thrown out of work in this small northern town. It was indeed a harsh blow to the community and its economy. You don't expect to see that sort of thing happening, but it appears that with the global economy, such as it is, no one or no place is safe anymore from financial and economic ruin. Sometimes it takes decades or a lifetime to recover from the effects of such calamities. This photo that I took one morning when my friend Frank, and I were out and about after coffee, is proof of that. It is all that remains of the once mighty General Motors Trim plant here in Windsor, Ontario. Several thousand people were employed in this plant, and one has to wonder what became of them all. This photo shows just a small amount of the rubble, as to show it all, I would have had to be very high up in the air and shooting down with a wide angle lens. The shiny objects in the foreground are the Mercury vapor lights that used to illuminate around the plant at night. While shooting this photo, I couldn't help but think of the collapse of the cod fishery in my home province of Newfoundland. They are still reeling from the effects of that event. However, they moved on, and found other sources of wealth, namely oil, and are for the first time since joining Confederation, a HAVE province. Meanwhile, the economy of Ontario took such a nosedive that it for the first time ever has become a HAVE NOT province. A dramatic reversal of fortunes indeed for both provinces. The only thing that remains the same is change itself. It is unavoidable, and folks everywhere usually stand back, have a good hard look, and then get on with the business of rebuilding their lives and communities. There are already signs of improvement here in Windsor, and that is great to see.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lady Walker's Bedside Lamp

This image is for the two ladies who recently became followers of my blog. One is a retired school teacher in Deer Lake, Newfoundland, and calls her blog Gone to the Dogs. Also for Elaine Dale, another Newfoundland lady, who calls her blog A Scattering. Thank you both for following and helping make this little endeavor worthwhile. About a couple of months ago, I happened to take a visit to the Willistead Manor during the Art in the Park event here in Windsor, Ontario. It is a very elegant building, and was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chandler Walker. Edward Walker was the son of Hiram Walker who was known for his distillery operations. The home was built between 1904 and 1906, and though quite large, had only one bedroom. This lovely bedside lamp caught my eye, and I decided to grab a quick shot of it as I wandered about. I could have photographed in there for hours. Hope you like it also.