Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old Cemetery

Sometimes when I go out to shoot photos, I will use a lens that is not designed for what is being photographed. This day, I chose to use my 100 mm Varisoft Portrait lens on the tombstones in the old cemetery in Sandwich. It is often a good exercise, and the resulting photos somewhat unusual. It lent an eerie glow to the back lit scene. But I have always found cemeteries to be restful and informative places. Some of the tombstones date back to the 1800's, and give a bit of history of the times. However, this is the one night of the year that such places supposedly offer up ghoulish creatures. At least that's what we are fed by the various media these days. Television is full of so called paranormal activity shows, and they seem to be quite popular. I have watched a few, and find them quite comical actually. Hopefully everyone will have a safe Halloween, and I am glad that I used the soft focus lens on this day, as it helped create a somewhat ghostly aura effect..... and that folks, is about as spooky as I will get this year! Happy Halloween!

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Mike de Moree said...

Hi Dave,
I like your idea of using different equipment or processes to get interesting results. Your cemetery image works well in colour but I think it might also work in black and white or even sepia toned. So keep up your experimentations. I enjoy them.