Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relics of the Past....

This scene, converted to sepia tones, gives a more realistic ambiance of the weather yesterday, and the times from which these relics were gathered. It speaks of a troubled time, in the past, where it belongs....

Naval Yards, Amherstburg, Ont. Scene

Yesterday was a gray overcast day, and I decided to take a jaunt down along the Detroit River to the town of Amherstburg. The Naval Yards are located along the riverfront, and this white winch at one time would have been used to draw the ships up against the wharf, or whatever structure was there at the time. Now it is an ornament to remind of times gone by. Not too far away, I was quite startled to find a plaque that amongst other Regiments, mentioned the action by the Royal Newfoundland (Fencibles) Regiment during the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.
I "Googled" to find out more and was informed that: Many of the regiment's soldiers were expert boatmen, and five companies were sent to Upper Canada in 1812 to serve as marines on the Great Lakes. They fought as such throughout the war, suffering heavy casualties at the Battle of Lake Erie. When not serving aboard ships, the regiment was split up into garrisons and detached companies throughout Upper Canada. It had never occurred to me that my fellow countrymen had parcipated in the affairs of Upper Canada at that time, but then I am certainly no history expert. They had helped keep the ground I was standing on from becoming foreign soil. With Rememberance Day not so long past, I decided to use this as my tribute to the fallen soldiers in all the conflicts, past and present. We owe so much to all of them.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Autumn Decor

Today I finished raking the last of the leaves from the big old maple tree in my back yard. In the midst of it, there was this leaf which had become entangled in one of the wrought iron sections of the fence that I had built earlier in the spring. It was beautifully back lit by the sun, which has a very nice slant to it this time of the year. So it was time to get out the 75 ~ 300 mm lens and grab a shot before it made its way unto the ground below. Afterward, I sat back and was able to enjoy a nice coffee with Terri and Henry and my wife on the deck/pergola, that I had built after erecting the fence. The temperature reached to about +16 C here in Windsor today. You gotta love that this time of the year.

Monday, November 2, 2009

For Mom & Dad

October 31st was the 8Oth Wedding Anniversary of my parents. Of course, they are both elsewhere in the spirit realm now, but I still remember them fondly. He used to come home from work, eat supper, and then have a nap on the little daybed beside the old wood stove in the kitchen. Often times when he awoke, he would just lay there and sing to her. One of the songs that he loved to sing was the old Scottish tune,
" My Love is Like a Red Red Rose" and she would grin as she did the ironing. Usually, I would be doing my homework on the kitchen table, and pretending not to notice........

For Mike

As Mike suggested, here is a re post of the cemetery shot below, only converted to sepia. It gives it a very old look, which is very appropriate for this, given the dates on many of the tombstones back to the 1800's.