Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harbour Lights

Winter has arrived here in Windsor, Ontario, and I haven't gotten out too much to do any photography for a while now. Today, I decided to take a little time and go exploring along the Detroit River front. I had taken a few shots around Sandwich, but nothing that really fired me up too much. The wind was strong, and bitterly cold, which made my eyes water, and it was difficult to focus the camera. But before I gave it up as a lost cause, I decided to drop by the Riverside Marina, and after talking a while with another local Nature Photographer, Gerald F. Peltier, who likes to photograph birds, I stopped to shoot this scene. It was getting dark, and I braced my left shoulder against a parked car, and with the assistance of the in body antishake feature of my camera, I squeezed off a couple of hand held shots with my 75 ~ 300 zoom lens attached. Then I headed home.
By the way, Gerald F. Peltier's site can be found at, and I am sure he would enjoy your feedback on his bird shots.

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