Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter - South Shore Lake Nipissing, Ont.

Today, I came across this old Kodachrome slide, and thought that it might be a good January scene. If I remember correctly, the temperature was about -34C, and the thing about shooting in that type of weather is, you either don't go out in it, or if and when you do, you had better dress warmly, as you can't be jumping in and out of the car.That would fog the camera lens, and end shooting for quite a while. If during the shoot, the camera batteries packed it in, well, you just reached inside of your parka, and pulled out a fresh set that was in a pocket close to your chest. They were pretty warm, and allowed another hour or so of shooting......The old manual non electronic everything camera bodies were fairly reliable in difficult shooting conditions of northern winters. They went for a long while before giving any problems. However today, with everything so heavily automated, I wonder how long batteries last in the coldest weather. You also have to manually override the camera's default settings, if you are one of those who likes to do a little thinking about what a picture should look like in the end.

Camera: Minolta XE-7
Lens: Minolta Rokkor 28mm, f 2.8
Film: Kodachrome 25

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