Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Zeus....

Lately, I haven't posted very much and a couple of days ago, while trying to get a shot of a cardinal in the tree in our back yard, Zeus wandered by, and I grabbed a quick shot of him. Often when we walk him, we hear comments such as, "is that a wolf?" or "he must have wolf in him." We don't know for sure, but he hails from Geralton, Ontario, which is out all by itself in Northwestern Ontario, so it is highly possible that there might be a touch of wolf in him. I have seen online photos of wolves taken in this region of the country, and the dusting of gray on his legs, which are very long, and his underbelly, are very similar. Zeus's ears are a little longer, as well as his muzzle, but it is easy to see how he could be mistaken for a wolf. However, he is a very gentle animal, and much loved by his owner. After some desaturation and adding some texture, and framing, I arrived at the effect that I liked most. Hope you do also.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Abstract Carnations

This is an existing light shot of a vase of carnations sitting on the coffee table. The only light is from my trilight lamp stand next to my Lazyboy chair which I was stretched out in at the time. It was the last hockey game of the regular season before the playoffs, and I was getting bored.....yet again. My 75 ~ 300 mm zoom was on the camera, so I decided to see what would be the outcome of a long hand held exposure at f5.6 for 8 seconds. After a couple of filters in Photoshop and Corel, this is the result. Hope you enjoy it also.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Has Sprung....

There is a line in a song written by the late Canadian singer, song writer Stan Rogers, about new life pushin' through in the Spring of the year. As I was photographing this little hyacinth plant in a back corner of our yard today, this song came to mind. My first impulse was to just post a straight up photo of this plant, but as I started editing, I decided to try to depict that bursting forth of new life. While doing this, I remembered years ago doing something very similar in the darkroom to obtain a zoom effect. It entailed cranking the enlarger head upward while making the exposure on paper, all the while holding a mask to dodge a butterfly that my daughter was holding on her finger. You needed three hands to do that, but somehow I was able to manage the desired result. Things are so different now, and sometimes I still miss the smell of chemicals on my hands as I would roll into bed at around 03:00 am. totally exhausted......

Camera: Maxxum 7D
Lens: Minolta AF 75 ~ 300 zoom, with # 2 close up filter attached.
Editing Software: PhotoImpact 12, and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jr. Auto Tech....

This little guy wants to show Grandpa that he can fix his little electric Jeep, so he lifts the hood to show that all you have to do is push a reset button, and he's good to go again. After taking this shot, I could not help but realize that in all likelihood, by the time he reaches 16 in about 12 years time, most of the cars coming off of the assembly lines at the auto plants will likely be electrically powered. It may very well be that he will never know what it is to pump gasoline into a tank in the automobile he will drive, or check the engine oil and coolant levels. He will never know a world without computers and electronic gadgetry and digital everything. Most of this used to be the stuff of sci-fi TV programs, and it is now close to being reality. Here comes the