Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Red Bull Pilot.

This evening, Frank and I went to the Red Bull Open House at the Windsor Airport. Wow! We were able to get up close to the aircraft as well as the pilots. A year ago, I posted a photo of the Caesar's Casino aircraft screaming straight up the GM Headquarters tower in Detroit, and this year, the Red Bull aircraft is cavorting amongst the office towers of Detroit, as the posting below shows. Well, tonight, I was able to capture a very candid portrait of the pilot of the Red Bull aircraft. I did not learn his name as there were too many folks crowded around. This photo was taken as he was posing with a group of about 7 people, and I was able to zoom in with the 75 ~ 300 mm lens and grab a shot as I passed by. These fellows are amazing at what they do, and again I thought afterward, that if you were to meet him on a downtown street, you would never guess his occupation. Just goes to show that you never know who you are standing next to in a crowd.


Frank said...

Hey Dave
The name of the pilot is Kirby Chambliss.
DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 18,1959
HOMETOWN: Flying Crown Ranch,Tucson Arizona.
PLANE: Edge 540
Great photo!

David c.h. Brown said...

Hey Frank,
Thanks for gathering that information for me. I appreciate it very much. Dave

A Scattering said...

Great shot, I'd think the subject would be happy with the photo as well!

David c.h. Brown said...

Hi Elaine,
So nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the comment, but I would have no idea how to contact these high flying folks. They are never in one place very long, and there is probably no shortage of pro guys out there clamoring to sell them their shots. But I like to grab my shots where I can, and enjoy the moment. Thanks, Dave