Monday, October 11, 2010

Music & Friends

There is a folk song from back on the Rock entitled "Music & Friends", and it contains a lot of wisdom and meaning for living a good life. As it is Thanksgiving Weekend, I had the happy occasion to spend it with my family, both here and away, and also a few of my friends. This afternoon, my neighbor Henry, and I spent an hour enjoying the warm temperatures on a bench in the shade, playing a few tunes, and sharing a few laughs. There are a few friends that I left behind in the North, and a few that are new since moving here to Windsor, Ontario, a couple of years ago. They are all a gift to me that I will always treasure. So to everyone who reads this, I hope you all enjoy the good fortune and warmth of family, friends, and good health this Thanksgiving. All three are priceless......

P.S. This photo was actually taken by my wife, Sharon. I told her she was going to do a portrait.....and she did! Thanks love!


john Minkowskyj said...

Good shot. You and your neighbour
seem to be having a good time. Sharon captured it well. When you come up north try to give me a call.
Our photo clubs meeting happens to fall on 26th this month @ Paul's.
Hope to hear from you. Keep smiling.

David c.h. Brown said...

Hey John,
Thanks for looking in. The weather here is still pretty decent, and we have not made a definite date yet as to when we will be up North. Possibly may be up there by the 26th. We shall see. Thanks, Dave

Mike de Moree said...

Tell Sharon that she made a priceless picture Dave. I see two guys really enjoying each others company and of course their retirement.

David c.h. Brown said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the comment. I've only known my neighbor for 2 years, and I feel like I've known him a lifetime. That is very fortunate for me, and Sharon also. She has hidden talents...Thanks, Dave