Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rose in the Rain

This rose was shot on Kodak 400 CN Black & White film. It also had been in my old camera about 4 years, and I was amazed at how much image I was able to record after all that time. The roll had only been about half used, and I decided to finish it off with a few rose shots from my back yard before taking it to be processed. While it is a black and white film, it can be processed in the regular C 41 chemicals used to process regular colour negatives. My old friend Dent Peever processed hundreds of rolls of this film for me at his shop in North Bay, when I used to shoot weddings and portraits. To me, this was the acid test for this film. That it could still record an image after sitting in a camera all of these years was amazing to me. I still have quite a few rolls of this film in a refrigerator, and will not hesitate to use it in the future. The rose was one that I planted beside my fence in the back yard in memory of my Mother. She used to have a front yard full of rose beds in Corner Brook. It fell to me to wrap them in burlap (old potato bags) every fall before the snow started to fly, for protection from the elements. It brings back many pleasant memories of my boyhood, and I hope you enjoy this little blossom as well.....

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