Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angel's Trumpet Flower

This morning, before I had a chance to have my early morning beverage, my wife comes running in from outside, telling me to get my camera and take a couple of snaps of her newest plant. She had received the seeds last year from her cousin in Belleville, Ont., and apparently had to go through great lengths just to get them to germinate. They had to be frozen for several days, then put in warm water for 24 hours, after which she had to cut the ends off of the seeds. She was ready to throw them in the garbage after about 6 weeks in the soil, when finally they started to peek out and look like they would do something. They are known as Datura plants, and this variety was known as "Angel's Trumpet" or Datura Metel plant. Apparently, all parts of it are poisonous! That will likely mean that when the kids show up, we will have to make sure that they do not handle them, or pick them, and then put their fingers in their mouths or rub their eyes. The blossoms are about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. They are purple on the outside, and white on the inside. One of the plants have about 25 to 30 blossoms that will likely open in the next day or so. That should be good for a few more pictures. However, the heat here in Windsor has been absolutely oppressive in the last couple of days, and tomorrow it is supposed to be +48C with the humidex factored in. That kind of heat will cause almost anything to wilt, so I expect that if I want to catch many more shots of these, it might be best to do it very early in the morning before the flowers and the old guy both wilt....

P.S. For further info on this plant, check out