Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fresh Apple Pies.....

Now that the new kitchen is about 95 % finished, my good wife decided it was time for fresh apple pies. We had gone last weekend and picked a couple of bags at Thiessen's Pick Your Own, and now they are being put to good use. Of course, this is the rewards of a lot of hard work, and she has stated that it is an extremely functional kitchen. "Thank you Ma'am". It was something that we had partly designed together, and I partly "made up" as the project progressed. Sooooo glad it's almost over finally, and we can get back to regular living again. BTW, the pies do not look like this anymore.....
"Lard Thunderin' B'y"!..... "Some good eh"?

Hot Rod!

Old vintage cars and Hot Rods were all over Wyandotte St yesterday. It was nice to have a pleasant look back at how it used to be. Polished paint and chrome everywhere. It was hard to take a picture, and not find that you were also doing a self portrait in the process, especially if you were shooting close up. It was a busy day, and I only had about an hour to spare for this event. As a result, I did not shoot nearly as much as I would have liked to. However, there will be other shows for sure, and I hope to go and do a little more shooting.

'84 El Camino

Yesterday there was an old car show just 4 blocks from my home, and I decided to go see what was happening. Well, they sure don't make 'em like that anymore! I have felt for a long time now, that in recent years, the cars all look the same. They all look like giant lozenges, all rounded and wind tunnel designed. It was really great to see these old cars again. There was '60's music blaring from speakers mounted about 10 feet up in the air, and it took you back to yesteryear. This gentleman was obviously very proud to be one of the participants in this show, and agreed to stand by his "baby". It takes an awful lot of work and dedication to restore an old car. It goes without saying that it costs a lot of money also. So, my hat's off to this fellow, and all of the others who put on a really great display of polished paint and chrome from a bygone era.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something's a Little Weird...

This afternoon, my wife was working in the garden as usual, pruning and weeding, and I heard her call to me to come and see something weird. Well, "what could possibly be weird in a garden" I was mumbling to myself as I went to where she was. She had almost pruned this branch off, but noticed this rosebud that looked a little strange. Upon closer examination, it seems that there is another branch growing out of the center of this rosebud, and another rosebud growing on top but unopened yet. Alright then, which gods have we vexed lately? This was totally unusual, and if there is some name for this anomoly in the plant kingdom, I would appreciate it if someone could clue me in. Until then, it has been suggested that since this rosebush grows about 10 feet away from this room, and the window is opened a lot, maybe I should change my musical repetoire a little when playing my accordion, if the plants are going to react in this way... Heck, maybe I should take up another instrument altogether. Nah! My wife would kill me for sure........

P.S. Our neighbor Terri, came across with her camera and took a couple of great shots of this rosebud. She submitted it to the local TV station, and it was used on the 6:00 pm news a couple of hours later. Good for you girl!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This little sprig of Petunias was hanging over the side of some old derelict farm equipment at the Thiessen Pick Your Own Apples Orchard today. The rusted old metal provided a nice background for the colourful blossoms, and I had to stop a minute to grab a couple of shots. I am going to use this little image to welcome aboard my blog paulatorres-96: k_klassen: and Ken Harris. Thanks for your interest folks, and I hope my ramblings on here are, for the most part, to your liking.
It has been very rainy here for the past 3 days or so, and the orchard was full of muddy paths everywhere. Cars had to be left out on the road, but I took a chance and was able to park close to where we would pick apples, and pay for them afterward. Hopefully our new kitchen will soon have the wonderful aroma of apple pies emanating from within. Then there are the preserves, like apple butter, and apple jelly. Ooooh Yeah! You gotta love this time of the year when all of the fruit and produce is fresh and available everywhere.