Sunday, September 18, 2011

'84 El Camino

Yesterday there was an old car show just 4 blocks from my home, and I decided to go see what was happening. Well, they sure don't make 'em like that anymore! I have felt for a long time now, that in recent years, the cars all look the same. They all look like giant lozenges, all rounded and wind tunnel designed. It was really great to see these old cars again. There was '60's music blaring from speakers mounted about 10 feet up in the air, and it took you back to yesteryear. This gentleman was obviously very proud to be one of the participants in this show, and agreed to stand by his "baby". It takes an awful lot of work and dedication to restore an old car. It goes without saying that it costs a lot of money also. So, my hat's off to this fellow, and all of the others who put on a really great display of polished paint and chrome from a bygone era.

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