Friday, January 25, 2013

Nipissing Village, Ontario

Tonight, I decided to do a few negative scans of some old 6 x 7 cm medium format images. This old log building with the red Geranium in the window was taken a few miles southwest of  North Bay, Ont. in a place called Nipissing Village. It was used at that time as a museum for the area. I used to have this image hanging on the wall of my little studio in North Bay, many years ago. Then, when I folded that endeavor, it hung on a wall in my home for a few years also. So tonight, I thought I'd share it with those who might be interested. Hopefully someone will find pleasure in it as well.


Mike de Moree said...

Very nice image david. We are always looking to make new pictures but forget the wealth of excellent pictures left in our files. The Winter is a great time to look at and scan our old negatives. These pictures deserve to be shown. Thanks

David c.h. Brown said...

Thank you for looking in, and for your comment Mike. I agree totally. As a matter of fact, I am at this very minute washing my first roll of 120 Fuji ACROS film that I just processed, and I actually got some pretty decent negatives. It is the first roll of 120 film that I have shot in about 6 years! So, hopefully there will be some new material to scan and post soon. Dave