Sunday, April 7, 2013


To have come across this butterfly this early in the year was a real surprise. A few moments before, I had a couple of deer in view, and did not expect to see any butterflies just yet. So when this one flew by and landed a few feet away, I decided to grab a quick shot with the 75 ~ 300 mm lens that I had on the camera at the time. I was shooting wide open, and hand holding as well, so its right wing is slightly blurry. However, it was not until I downloaded the image that I realized that a part of its wing was missing. Not being a lepidopterist, I am not sure if it had an unfortunate encounter with a bird, or had emerged from its pupa stage with this malformation. Just like most of us, it will have to do its life being a little less than perfect. At any rate, I see it somewhat as a survivor, and enjoyed the encounter.

P.S. It has just been suggested to me that my "butterfly" could actually be a moth, and they were probably correct on that. So if there is anyone out there who could identify this butterfly or moth, I would appreciate it.....

Friday, April 5, 2013

Female Cardinal.....

Today, we decided to go for a little ramble at the Ojibway Conservation Area here in Windsor, in hopes to get a little fresh air, and maybe a shot or two of some little creatures. I did manage to squeeze the shutter on a couple of deer, but they were too far away, and there were too many brambles to make for much of a picture. I stopped at the little chalet to see if there were any birds around the feeders, and managed to get this shot of a female cardinal. You have to be fast as they do not stay still for very long. I felt lucky to get this little one, and thought I'd share it with you....hope you enjoy it also.