Friday, September 12, 2014

Red is the Rose....

This image was made late this afternoon in my back yard using my 50mm macro lens, which on the SONY a65 camera, works out to be 75mm. It was extremely overcast and quite dark where this rose was situated amongst the other bushes. What to do? This was a good opportunity to try out the remote wireless feature of my new Sony HLV-F58AM flash. After placing it on a tripod about 5 feet away and to the right and also using the built in bounce card, I focused and let the on camera flash trigger the remote one on the tripod. The result is a rather nice little rim lighting effect as the remote is set at a 2:1 ratio with the on camera flash. When I downloaded the file later, I decided that maybe a nice filter could be applied in Photoshop to give it a bit of texture.....hope you like it.

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