Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Status Symbol....

The Flying "B" of the 2015 Bentley was to me a bit of a throw back to the old days when all the cars had very distinctive hood ornaments. It is indeed a statement of status, of the good life and affluence. When I was shooting this image, my mind actually drifted back to about 4 hours earlier, when we were coming up out of the tunnel and were met in the middle of the road by an obvious homeless person who was begging for a hand out from anyone who would stop for him. Life for him will not likely ever be an easy one, but I am not sure that I would wish upon him the burdens associated with this level of "good fortune" either.....but my guess is that he would probably have other ideas about that. At any rate, the car was a real show stopper, and it was hard to find elbow room to grab a few shots. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Detroit Auto Show ~ 2015

A couple of days ago, I made my first visit to the Detroit Auto Show, which was held in the Cobo Hall about a 5 minute drive just across the border from Windsor. There was every imaginable brand of car, truck, suv, there, all under one roof. It was truly mind blowing when you think that as of today, the entire show will be totally dismantled, and nothing but the bare walls and floors will be left behind. The new models were absolutely beautiful, and that is pretty much across the board. There was only one or two cars that I did not care for much, and they were mostly concept cars, that I hoped would never make it to production. However, I have to admit, that the one car that was just stunning for my tastes at least was the Buick Cascada. In 2016 this lovely convertible will be appearing in the GM showrooms all over the country, and I was really happy to see that Buick has decided to move on from the stodgy luxury sedans to include something a little more sporty. I was told that the Cascada will not be a muscle car and will come with a 4 cylinder turbo engine that will give excellent gas mileage. I asked if there was a chance it would come with a V6 turbo boosted engine, and the fellow assured me that I was dreaming in technicolor.....not a chance. At any rate, I liked the styling as it is not cluttered with a lot of chrome, just nice clean lines. Today, I thought I would share it with you also...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This time of year, it is easy to sit at home and stay warm with a good book, or warm cup of your favorite beverage. It is for the brave and determined to gather up enough gumption to take camera in hand and venture out into the great out of doors, and capture the images that are present after a snow storm. This image was from such a time, when I used to be one of those guys who would take on the elements, but I'm afraid that in my more recent years I have become one who likes to stay warm, be comfortable. Hope you enjoy this image from somewhere in Northern Ontario, many years ago.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Burgundy and White Satin.....

A couple of days ago, I got rummaging around some old discs and came across this image that I had never printed before. For some reason I had passed by this image, and I decided it might make a nice one for here. It is also going to be enlarged and printed out to 16 x 20 inches, and I can't wait to see how it will look then. Hope you like it also.