Monday, August 31, 2015

Country Church, Woodstock, N.B.

You have to get off of the main Highway that now cuts through the center of New Brunswick to find scenes such as this one. It used to be such an enjoyable journey before the new Highway went through. All the little towns and villages with the small mom and pop enterprises were a joy to visit, to say nothing of the many scenes such as this one. It is off the beaten path in Woodstock, New Brunswick, and the early morning light was just beautiful, so when I saw this scene in my rear view mirror, I had to stop and turn around and go back, to grab this shot. The new super highways get you from point A to point B in great time, but there is absolutely nothing but bush to look at. If you by chance happen to have the need to use a washroom, then good luck with that....not a pull off or convenience station to be seen. You have to go into a town somewhere, and the signs do not tell you if the towns are a mile or 50 miles in off of the main highway, so you just take a chance and keep on truckin' eh....something that was not a concern when traveling the old highways....Oh well, such is progress I guess....but this old church and grave yard just shows a way of life that is fast fading....and it kick started my day on a high note.


Krys and Paul said...

Classic shot - momento mori indeed but so peaceful!

David c.h. Brown said...

Thank you. Dave