Sunday, October 16, 2016

Full Moon Insomnia.....

Ever have a night when your head just will not lie down, or some other part of your body is twitching and agitated? Well this image is for you. There was a full moon hanging above planet earth last night, and after the hockey games, I knew sleep would not come easy, so I decided to let my mind do a bit of rambling. The thought came into my head of, how would you photograph or illustrate "insomnia". After browsing through some images, I decided to give it a go. The full moon is one I had photographed a while ago. The graphic image in the background is part of the Detroit skyline, and the Sousaphone player was a shot taken a while back when a Windsor Classical Music group assembled in a nearby park for a free concert. The image took a few hours of work on the computer using Photoshop and Corel softwares, and it gives me the feeling of 4 am., and alone, to deal with the mind or body.....or both.

P.S. This image is especially for my friend Frank, who often sends me e-mails into the wee hours of the morning...LOL!


John Minkowskyj said...

I think this photo will keep Frank up all night. It did take a long time to assemble all the images. Well done.
I also like you bio-photo, you look like Hunter S. Thompson.

David c.h. Brown said...

Thanks for your comments John. My bio-photo was taken by my 10 year old Grandson one day while he was playing with my camera. He seems to enjoy my cameras and I won't discourage that. Dave