Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Thaw 2017 - For Mike de Moree

This image is what it looked like outside my front window as I sipped my morning beverage a couple of days ago. The thermometer said it was +14C and it was hard to believe that it was the 21st of January. My fellow blogger and friend, Mike de Moree,  Silverpixel,  just posted his image of January thaw in North Bay, Ont. and I have to be honest Mike, I miss the snowy scenes I used to get to photograph up there. Here in Windsor, Ont., the climate is vastly different, and as you can see, the green background in this image is my front lawn. I still haven't gotten used to the winters here, but I also have to admit that it is much easier for us to get out and shop, etc., as there are no snow banks to climb over to get into a store or other place down town. We did have one snowfall, and I got out the snowblower just to make sure it still worked. I fear that we will pay dearly for this mild spell as things usually start to bud out early, and then we will get a very cold snap in the weather that will kill a lot of plants and trees. Our neighbour Terri was telling us that some of her bulbs she has in her back yard has come up about 2 inches. Anyway,  it is what it is, and there is not much to be done about it except accept and adjust as best we can. Cheers.....

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