Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dali's Very Vivid Dream.....for John.

For whatever reason, I decided to expand a little on old Dali's Dream and make it more bold and outrageous, so this is the final result. A couple of nights ago, I entered this in the Windsor Camera Club's Digital Altered Reality category, just for the pure heck of it. It rather "bombed" as I found out afterward that at least one of the 3 judges didn't know who Dali was, and could not make any sense of this image at all....which does not surprise me. Sometimes I like to depart from the usual things that everyone photographs, and try in my own feeble way to give some sort of photographic rendition of an idea, or concept. Most times I do not set out with that in mind, but it sort of evolves in that way. It is fun to try to depict something such as "insomnia"; "nuclear winter's night" or in this case, my somewhat twisted idea of just what old Dali may have dreamed one night. It is a concept that is not easily accepted or understood by others apparently. I came up with this second rendition the day after St. Patrick's Day, so I guess I should have entitled it "Guinness Afterglow" or some other such nonsense....It somewhat appeals to my quirky sense of humor, and after all, I really am doing this purely for my own enjoyment, and hope that maybe by sharing it with you on my little blog, it may help someone out there to "lighten up a little" in this world gone mad........


John Minkowskyj said...

Good for you in helping promote Salvador Dali.
Picasso is highly overrated. I mean a painting a day. Dali at least had to partake in some wine or some hallucinogenic substances to come up with his paintings.

David c.h. Brown said...

Hey John,
I can assure, I was stone cold sober, and no violence was done to any musical instruments in the making of this image....LOL! Dave