Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Kiss of Light.....

Photographers are full of sayings, cliches, and know, "less is more", "keep it simple stupid", and "just a sweet kiss of light", to recall a few. So far, I had never paid much attention to any of that stuff....just shoot what makes me happy. Yesterday evening, while doing the "burnt offerings' again, I wandered out into the back yard to check out the flowers, and took a few shots. When I was just about done, and ready to tend to the BBQ,  I saw this little blossom, hiding down in the shade all by itself, and the lighting was very poor. I poked my camera lens down to get a view through the viewfinder, and as I did so, the setting sun somehow decided to send a little shaft of light right onto this rose blossom. Immediately I pressed the shutter button, and grabbed a couple of shots of it....yup, finally I got me a little "kiss of light" that turned this from a poorly lit rose, into one that immediately gave me the old buzz up my spine when I know the shot was better than I had planned on. The old guys saying of "f8 and be there" is one that worked big time, this time. Hope you enjoy it a wee bit, and it is likely to be my last rose posting of the year.....Cheers, and take time to smell the roses!!

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